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After exploring alittle bit for readily obtainable supplies, I discovered the next falsification because of the republic of Azerbaijani historian and extremely-nationalists. See as an example these backlinks:

Let us not review several of the in the verses Mr. Baguirov provides without any true quotation of the actual Persian. But to point out the absurdity of Mr. Baguirovs false verse(wherever may be the Persian) is priceless.

Doostzadeh decides to produce. If This is often discussion about Nizami, it would assistance to remain as much as you can about the monitor.

I instructed the exact same. Even Britannica inside the article about Nizami will not mention that he was a Persian poet, but claims:

7) About Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi, indeed Mr. Baguiorv Maybe is suffering from memory decline (Just rephrasing his individual terrible words). Mainly because not only his mom may need been a slave of non-Turkic origin, but considerably more importantly he indeed falsified a geneaology to create him a descent of Sassanid kings.

I just try and suggest a constructive way from problem to finish this dispute. I think you can find points either side can concur on. Also Notice that Britannica mentions Nizami within the context of Azeri lifestyle, whilst declaring very little of his ethnicity:

Certainly, how improperly versed in Nizami’s poetry and geography a single needs to be, to claim that Shirin was Armenian if she just traveled (i.e, not lived, as is obvious with the poem!) to Armenia, a geographic concept to start with as there was no unbiased Armenia either in Nizami's time or in Khosrov time. I assume File.Kafka was ethnic German or ethnic Czech, because he wrote in German and lived in Prague -- but The truth is he was Jewish.

Nizami Ganjavi’s mom was a Kurd as affirmed by all scholars. Contemplating the fact that Shaddadians ended up also Kurdish speakers and their funds was in Ganja, there isn't a proof that Kurds spoke Turkic as their mother language. In truth the the latest situation that some Kurds communicate Persian or Turkic or Arabic initial however has got to do with modern day condition nationalism and getting an official language.

Because even when there is a manuscript older than it, it doesn't automatically a hundred% refute it, due to the fact numerous manuscripts could have been extant. So that's why we utilize the word Perhaps. Although some scholars dismiss it, some Students have applied text "perhaps", "might have been","possibly." .

By no means I am likely to accept that he was 50 % Oghuz Turkic, if the frustrating evidence suggests otherwise and Western Students haven't outlined this possibly and neither did any historians and biographers with the old ages that wrote about Nizami.

This passage proves that Nizami understood Turki language; that he could write in it; that he was favorable of Turkic people today, and simply how much opposition there was from composing in Turki among wealthy shoppers irrespective of whether of Persian track record (Shirvanshah’s probably falsified their geneology to be Arab, and in the event of Akhsitan I his mom was Georgian as I reported previously) or Turkic (Atabeks, Seljuk sultans, and so forth).

اما حقيقت آن است كه چنين كتابي اساساً وجود ندارد و تاكنون هيچ پان‌تركيستي نشانه‌ي نسخه‌ي اصلي كتاب را نداده و از متن اصلي آن چيزي نقل نكرده بل كه از نوشته‌ي پان‌ترك‌هاي ديگر اين مطلب را اقتباس كرده است.

هرکسی پیش او زمین می‌رفت browse around here در خور فتح آفرین می‌گفت پهلوی خوان پارسی فرهنگ پهلوی خواند بر نوازش چنگ شاعران عرب چو در خوشاب شعر خواندند بر نشید رباب شاه فرهنگ دان شعر شناس بیش از آن دادشان که بود قیاس

Also, Mr. Doostzadeh doesn’t must “reveal” anything about Iraq – in contrast to him, I am working with academic editions of Nizami’s do the job, beneath Expert, scholarly translations and In the event the non-Azerbaijani translators created the dedication to translate Iraq therefore, this means Arabic Iraq, then that’s how I present it much too.

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